Facility information



1. Civic activity support counter

For more information about the services provided at the civic activity support counter, please see this page (Japanese only).

2. Open lounge café

A cozy, open lounge café, where you can enjoy lively conversation with friends and family. Anyone can use any space they would like.

3. Information distribution section

The section distributes information about civic activities.

4. Kids' space

Enjoy spending time with children.

5. Multi-purpose hall and conference rooms

You can use these spaces for many purposes, including events, lectures, activities and meetings.

6. Study space

A cozy space where you can concentrate on your studies or work. There are approximately 80 study spaces, including spaces equipped with power outlets.

7. Books/newspapers available for reading

There are more than 7,000 carefully selected books available for reading. Enjoy them anywhere in the facility. If you are looking for a particular book, please ask a staff member.

8. Accessibility information

If you need any assistance using the center, please ask a staff member or call 0877-24-8877.