What's Marutasu?

Everyone responsible for the future of Marugame takes the first step here
Nickname: Marutasu
The Marutasu name comes  from Maru game and the pronunciation of the word Tortoise in Japanese, which is translated into Japanese as Kame or Game.

In Japanese, maru often refers to something good and positive in Japanese in addition to its literal meaning, circle, and the word tasu means accumulating or plus, so the name represents the hope that this place, which draws many people, will bring something positive to its visitors and to the city of Marugame. We hope that there is an accumulation of positive action in this place.

Services provided at Marutasu

Marutasu is filled with new discoveries and experiences.
  • #01Activity support services that give form to our ideas
  • #02Events, lectures and exhibitions that can be enjoyed throughout the year in open spaces
  • #03Comfortable spaces where everyone can meet, read and sit at the café
  • #04More than 7,000 books of all genres are available for reading
  • #05Kids' Service to increase interactions with children
  • #06Versatile, fully equipped conference rooms available for rent
  • #07Study spaces where users can concentrate on their studies and works
  • #08Information distribution section for users to keep on top of exciting news
  • #09Barrier-free services

Why don't you drop by? If you want to start an activity, please feel free to consult us.
The staff are all looking forward to meeting you at the center.

* Please see facility information for details about the facility.